Rental and Cancellation Policy

Houseboat Rental Policy

  • Entire rental charge for houseboat is due prior to boarding. Conley Bottom gladly accepts cash, Travelers Checks, Money Orders, and Certified Checks, debit card and credit card. No personal checks for rental payment.
  • On date of arrival, the deposit reserves the boat for an 18-hour period and no longer.
  • Rental fee does not include gasoline or oil.
  • For your safety, the renter must check in, pay and be ready to leave at least 1 hour before dark or boat must remain in the harbor until the next morning.
  • The deposit will be returned at the completion of the cruise after final inspection, provided that the boat is returned, refueled and unloaded before 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time and that the boat is clean and undamaged. No exceptions, regardless of the reason.
  • Marina will provide assistance for breakdowns during daylight working hours, as quickly as possible.
  • Refunds of payment will not be made for early termination of cruise. Please see cancellation policy.
  • Renter must have valid I.D. (driver’s license) and will be required to sign a rental agreement and waiver before boarding the boat.
  • Carrying on or storing on board of any flammable liquids is not allowed by order of State Fire Marshal.

General Rental Policy

  • Rental charge due prior to checking in. We gladly accept cash, travelers checks, money order, certified checks.
  • Deposits will be returned as long as the lodging unit is clean, checked out on time & undamaged.
  • Refunds of payment will not be made for early termination (see cancellation policy.)
  • Carrying on or storing of flammable liquid is not allowed by order of State Fire Marshall.
  • Brochure rates take precedence over phone quotations or web publications.

Cancellation Policy

  • Reservation may be made by phone and may be confirmed upon receipt of deposit.
  • Deposit must be received no later than seven days after reservation is made.
  • Deposit is not applied to rental fee except for a full week where 1/2 of double deposit is applied.
  • Refund of deposit may be given in the event of cancellation with reasonable notice.  More than 60 day notice prior to reservation date- 75% refund; 14-60 days notice-50% refund if vessel is rerented; and less than 14 days result in forfeit of deposit.
  • You may reschedule one time only, within the calendar year for a $25.00 reschedule fee.  Reschedule dates must be given within 24 hours of cancellation.
  • This is a firm cancellation policy due to seasonal business.  No refunds due to inclement weather. 


In the event of a discrepancy between web and published price lists, the published price lists (available at Conley Bottom Dock) take precedence. Call for verification of current prices.