Deck Boats

Catch some waves on the water in one of our new high performance Deck Boats. Our 19 1/2 ‘ Bryant deck boat has a 150 horsepower engine with an average speed of 40 mph.  It has 1 27 gallon fuel tank.  Checkout our competitive rates below
and call us 606-348-6351.

Gear Peak Daily Rate* Discount Daily Rate**
Hourly Rate
19 1/2 ‘ Bryant Deck Boats
(8 person)
$450.00 $415.00 $75.00

*Peak Daily RateMay 25 to September 10
**Discount Daily Rate = January 1 to May 25, September 10 to December 31

Please Note:

  • 2 hour minimum on all rentals. Hourly rentals taken only if schedule permits.
  • Deposit equal to 1 day’s rental required on ALL rentals.
  • Rental fees do not include gasoline & oil.
  • All rentals are subject to availability.
  • This is a seasonal business that necessitates a very firm cancellation policy. No refund due to weather conditions.

* In the event of a discrepancy between web and published price lists, the published price lists (available at Conley Bottom Dock) take precedence. Call for verification of current prices.

Please read our safety documents.
Please read our Rental/Cancellation Policy.