Welcome to the Top Deck!

The Top Deck is an event space designed with the needs of the Marina’s customers in mind. Equipped with enough seating for around 50 people, the Top Deck provides beautiful views of Lake Cumberland that can be appreciated while enjoying a slice of pizza or ice cream cone from the store. The event space also hosts the 2021 Summer Concert Series–an exclusive Thursday night music event featuring local artists that will continue through September. Join us on the Top Deck, and enjoy experiencing why #lifeisbetteratthebottom.

Looking for a unique space to host an event? Check out our pricing for event rental of the Top Deck for the 2021 season.

Read the rules and regulations for the Top Deck below:

  • No loud or foul music shall be performed or broadcasted on the Top Deck at any time. Conley Bottom Marina is a family environment, and music played on the premises will reflect this.
  • No open containers of alcohol are permitted on the Top Deck. Alcohol is not served or sold on Conley Bottom property, and the Marina itself has a strict “no open container” policy.
  • Pets are not allowed on the Top Deck.
  • No smoking is permitted on the Top Deck.
  • The customer renting the space is responsible for cleaning up after their scheduled event.
    • Tables should be returned to the positions they were in prior to setup for the event.
    • All trash should be bagged and taken to the Marina dumpster.
    • Any decorations that are not property of the Marina should be removed.
  • Return of the $100 deposit made to reserve the Top Deck is contingent upon following the prescribed rules for the space, ensuring the space is clean at the conclusion of use, and guaranteeing that the space is undamaged by any member of the customer’s party.

Slip Customer Rental

$5000per hour
  • $100 damage deposit required
  • 2 hour minimum on all event rentals

Non-Slip Customer Rental

$7500per hour
  • $100 damage deposit required
  • 2 hour minimum on all event rentals